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Roll-Off Dumpsters

IRS offers open-top containers and dumpsters ranging in size from 10 to 30 cubic yards. Our low-cost dumpsters are also easy to use for home improvement projects, basement or storage cleanouts, landscaping waste, renovation debris and flood damaged items.  IRS can provide any necessary permits to drop a dumpster on city streets or alleys.  We guarantee friendly, professional drivers with on-time delivery and prompt container pickup-up for customers.

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Roll Off Information

IRS services major construction companies throughout the Chicagoland area and is able to offer next day pickup for construction work. IRS services construction projects in all industries: high-rise buildings, warehouses, manufacturing plants, residential projects, etc.  By utilizing a 24/7 live dispatch team with over 30 years of dispatch experience, IRS is able to handle thousands of customers on a monthly basis while still providing personal service to every project.  Our dedicated team will work with you to navigate your project from start to finish.

IRS has a large inventory of open top dumpsters to meet any of your recycling and trash removal requirements. IRS is able to place any one of the following size dumpsters at your facility on a permanent basis:

  • 10.0 Cubic Yard Dumpster
  • 15.0 Cubic Yard Dumpster
  • 20.0 Cubic Yard Dumpster
  • 30.0 Cubic Yard Dumpster


Please contact us at 312-RECYCLE (312-732-9253) and our experienced sales team will help you find the compactor application suitable for your business. Our sales team will also provide you with financing, rental, purchase, and lease-to-purchase options. We offer the following roll-off compactor applications:


  • IRS can provide & install stationary compactors from 2.0 to 6.0 cubic yards. This type of compactor is available for commercial and industrial applications.   The compactor is bolted or welded to a permanent surface and is used to pack recycle or waste material into a receiver container. When full, the receiver container is hauled to a recycling facility or waste transfer station for disposal.
  • Compactor receiver containers are available from 20.0 cubic yard to 42.0 cubic yards.



  • IRS can provide and install self-contained compactors available from 20.0 to 31.0 cubic yards. These compactors are leak resistant, control pests and rodents, and can be utilized in almost any business application.


In order to keep your compactor in good working condition our sales team can help you select a maintenance program tailored to your business:

  • Preventive Maintenance – Keep your compactor in top operating condition with our annual or semi-annual P/M program
  • Repair & Maintenance - Expert technicians will travel onsite to handle all of your compactor repair and maintenance requirements.
  • Installations & Removals – Expert technicians have the capability to install compactors and remove or relocate existing units.
  • Odor Control Solutions - Equipment and products can be added to your application in order to reduce odors.