Waste/Recycling Audits

Setting a benchmark and goal for recycling and diversion is important in order to track progress and improvement. We offer two types of waste audits: 24-Hour LEED Waste Audit or a Waste Audit Walkthrough.

24-Hour LEED Waste Audit

We collect waste and recycling for a representative 24-hour period.  After 24-hour collection, the waste and recycling are taken offsite and a waste audit is conducted. The following is provided in a detailed report:

  • Comprehensive overview and statistics about your building’s waste stream during a representative 24 hour period
  • Pictures of the waste audit
  • Detailed analysis of the evaluation process
  • Statistics about your buildings waste stream
  • Recommendations to improve recycling, waste diversion, waste reduction and source reduction.
  • This is a good way to collect data, especially if you are coming up on your LEED (re)certification!

Waste Audit Walkthrough

This is offered to current customers. The walkthrough looks at waste and recycling behavior within the building, before the trash and recycling have been collected by cleaning staff.

  • In the example of office buildings, the customer can select up to 5 tenants who need to improve their recycling habits.
  • A representative from IRS will come onsite and be escorted through the spaces by a member of the cleaning staff team late in the afternoon.
  • Areas/bins of interest include: deskside, kitchenette, break room, copy area, and conference room.
  • Pictures will be taken of recycling and trash containers to ensure proper bag and container use, and will identify if the two streams are being mixed by tenants.
  • We will propose recommendations to better recycling habits: different container placement or bag use, new labels or post signage, approach tenant 1-on-1, and more.
  • This will be recapped in a detailed report.

Please contact us today for a quote on your waste/recycling audit!